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Chef Spoon, Wooden Spatula, and SpoonButta Combo Set

Chef Spoon, Wooden Spatula, and SpoonButta Combo Set

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This set includes two of our most useful and popular kitchen tools, our Chef Spoon and Spatula, as well as 4 oz. jar of our SpoonButta Conditioner to care for these, and any other wooden, utensils.

Our Chef Spoon and Spatula are handcarved by artisans from cherry lumber which has only been harvested from yards and parks from trees that have fallen naturally due to lightning, winds, or other natural causes. Each one features our signature "chiseled" handle which offers a unique and firm grip. The Spoon dimensions are approximately 12" x 3" at the bowl and the Spatula dimensions are approximately 14" x 3" at the blade. Each spatula features a rounded corner and beveled edge for scraping pans and both are ideal for using with non-stick, ceramic, or cast iron pans.

Utensil Care: Pre-treated with our SpoonButta beeswax and oil conditioner, this product must be re-applied every 3-6 months depending upon usage. Hand-wash oil, may use warm water and dish soap. This product is not dishwasher safe.


Includes: (1) Cherry Chef Spoon, (1) Cherry Spatula, and (1) 4oz. jar of SpoonButta

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